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Hello everybody!!

This community is perfect!! I'm so looking forward to meeting whoever still lurks about here! Thanks AnnLo for approving me!

Well, about me. My name is Alyssa and it is my goal in life to work for Sea World as a trainer, preferably with cetaceans. My ultimate dream would be to work with the killer whales. I was lucky enough to intern at Miami Seaqurium in the Animal Care dept, and this coming Spring I've applied to their training internship, and one at Epcot in Disney World as well. I'm hoping to get one of them, and later transfer to UCF in Orlando so I can be closer to Sea World and maybe meet some trainers and ask some questions. I've worked with horses for about 7 years now, and I'm working on anything and everything to try to make myself stand out because I've heard the competition is extreme for a training position.

Anyway, it's great to be on here with people who share the same passion. Comments are welcome! Feel free to friend me as well if you'd like! :]
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